Chapel Hill Home Theatre can design a theater from empty space in new construction, or we can retrofit a stunning theater into an existing room. The experience and technical quality of the picture and sound is guaranteed to be superior to that of any other commercial theater in the Triangle. We specify the highest quality AV components that are also reasonably priced and cut through all the false marketing and artificial technical claims of many manufacturers and AV installers. Our business is built around design, not equipment resale.


We will work with you to define your entertainment needs and lifestyle to design a home entertainment system that suits your specific requirements. As part of this service, we will specify the particular equipment you require and provide technical illustrations of how the equipment works together. If you desire to understand the technical aspects of your entertainment system, we welcome the opportunity to explain what each and every piece of equipment contributes to your system.

Chapel Hill Home Theatre Design offers full interior design services from our licensed on-staff interior design expert. Our firm doesn’t just bolt AV equipment to your walls. We do total design – fully integrating all visual and technical elements. We can also provide a total 3D scale rendering of your redesigned space. This lets you visualize exactly how your cloth, paint, carpet and wood choices will appear with photo-realism. This kind of digital planning eliminates the need for costly change-orders mid-project.

Even though it is technically complex, a home theatre system does not have to be daunting to operate. Our usability consulting service assesses the needs of those who will be using the system, whether it is the adults of the house, children, babysitters or grandparents. The user interface defines the points of control within the system that allow a user to operate the system easily without the frustration of multiple remote controls and hundreds of intimidating buttons. While some clients prefer the sophistication of a touch screen remote, others require a different solution to meet their individual needs. For instance, many clients with young children find interfaces other than touch screen remotes to be more durable and easily operated. Our consultation service will guide you through this process of deciding what user interfaces will best fit your family’s needs and entertainment lifestyle.



Audiophile level hidden in-wall speakers
True High Definition 1080p digital projection

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