Our AV pre-wiring design services are a great option when building a new home. Pre-wiring your home for AV equipment gives you the option of effortless installation at a future time. You can delay spending money on AV equipment during construction and save thousands of dollars when you do decide to add AV entertainment and whole house audio. AV pre-wiring enables installers to quickly access wiring and insert AV equipment in just one day—this process would otherwise take weeks of costly labor. Even without any installed equipment, pre-wiring for AV dramatically increases the value of your home for re-sale.


Our AV pre-wiring services give you the opportunity to sit with our designers and discuss in detail your family’s individual needs so that your home will be perfectly pre-wired. During our consultation, we will take time to fully explain the terminology and explore your options in a comfortable environment.


$500: 3000 sq. ft. or below

$750: 3100 to 5000 sq. ft.

$1000: 5000 sq. ft. or above


Save thousands in labor by pre-wiring in construction
We use high quality wires that will enable you to expand into almost any AV entertainment option for the future

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